Thursday, February 10, 2011

Latest Research Reports a Driver of Metastasis in Liver Cancer

Today I will be completing exactly 13 years of my Bio-medical research career. During all these years, I have been too busy doing experiments, writing original manuscripts and reviewing other’s works.  Earlier there was no medium to express our minds informally, especially for an early career scientist like me. Now, with increasing popularity of using blogs as a tool to communicate and propagate one’s ideas in all the spheres of life such as Art, Literature, Politics etc., I have realized to take advantage of this medium to express my opinion about ongoing biomedical research efforts especially in cancer biology which is my area of expertise. Today I am sharing a very exciting report that just appeared last week. This group of scientists based at several institutes in USA, China, and Canada found out a new splice variant of a gene called  carboxypeptidase E gene (CPE), which was found to drive metastasis in liver cancer. I am sure this news has major significance for most of us who work in the area of cancer biology because metastasis is a major cause of mortality in cancer patients. However, in spite of all the recent advancements in the field, mechanisms governing the metastatic process remain elusive. Hope you will find it interesting:

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